“Hinduism” is the most ancient religion in world, which exists till now. The word Hinduism in the new name. Its original name was “Sanathana Dharmam” which means “Eternal Truth”.Hinduism is a way of life, a culture. Its an ocean. Unlike other religions, it is not directed by any POPE or some one else. Hinduism never ask a person to pray for a GOD. It preaches that TRUTH IS THE GOD (Sathyameva Jayathe).

Hinduism is bunch of scriptures which shows the divine nature of living as a human being. All the Vedas, Upanishads, Ayurvedam, Jyothishya Shastram etc., came from Hinduism. All the latest trends & technologies are not inventions but discoveries. Great Ramayana, Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita , which was written millions of years back, shows the existence of all the latest technologies . On top of that, all these great epics will teach you the way a man should live & the way man shouldn’t live. These teaches that evil would never succeed in front of truth.

No one forces a person to take Hinduism. The love & the greatness compels an individual to join & learn more about Hinduism. Hindu’s follow lot of rituals for different festivals & in different occasions.  All the rituals they follow has some key reason which most of the modern day people ignore. There is a scientific reason behind each & every ritual e.g., Suryanamaskar, Tulasi Pooja etc., which in realtime has scientific proofs.

The Death of Traditional Hinduism
The dignity, strength and beauty of traditional Hinduism was recognized as the foremost threat to Christian European rule in India. The invention of neo-Hinduism was the response. Had this colonialist program been carried out with a British face, it would not have met with as much success as it did. Therefore, an Indian face was used to impose neo-Hinduism upon the Hindu people. The resultant effects of the activities of Indian neo-Hindus were ruinous for traditional Hinduism.

The Dilemma
The primary dilemma with Hinduism as we find it today, in a nutshell, is precisely this problem of…
1) Not recognizing that there are really two distinct and conflicting Hinduisms today, Neo-Hindu and Traditionalist Hindu; and
2) With Traditionalists being the guardians of authentic Dharma philosophically and attitudinally, but not yet coming to full grips with the modern world, i.e., not yet having found a way of negotiating authentic Hindu Dharma with an ability to interface with modernity and communicate this unadulterated Hindu Dharma in a way that the modern mind can most appreciate it.

A Confused Existence
Hinduism will continue to be a religion mired in confusion about its own true meaning and value until traditionalist Hindus can assertively, professionally and intelligently communicate the reality of genuine Hinduism to the world.

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